Our Team



Sejal Shah has served as CEO of TotalMSP since our inception.

He seeks to create a simplified, transparent, accountable organization that promotes an open and honest environment. He believes that culture is a by-product of people and their core values. When these align, a team can march down a path together, driven by their purpose and passion.

Sejal has been married for over ten years, and he has three children: two boys and a girl.



Jason believes that when you surround yourself with honest, hard-working people who are not afraid of failure, team potential becomes limitless. He’s motivated not only by winning in the healthcare market but by creating opportunities for his entire team along the way.

The TotalMed Team thrives on a “yes we can” mentality. We take time to acknowledge our successes but are quick to ask ourselves what’s next. Lastly, through it all, successes and failures, we strive to have fun.

Jason and his wife have two young boys who keep them busy with sports, schools, and outdoor activities. He enjoys golfing, watching sports, and cooking.



Dave has been with TotalMSP since our inception and has served as Vice President of Sales since 2016.

Dave’s energy, enthusiasm, and desire to be the best inspires his team. He is dedicated to building relationships for tomorrow rather than shortsightedly focusing on the goals of today. He is inspired by those who have a high level of urgency and are passionate about their work. Through the years, he has been successful at building buy-in with employees at all levels and developing teams through continuous coaching. He drives his team to meet the needs of clients by going above and beyond and implementing creative solutions. He believes a strong work ethic, professional integrity, and the willingness to learn and adapt are instrumental to success in business.

Dave resides in Freedom, WI with his wife, Heidi, and their two children, Cole and Addison. He enjoys spending weekends with his family, grilling, playing in the pool, and cheering his kids’ on at their sporting events. Traveling with his family to a few of their favorite vacation spots — Wisconsin Dells, Minocqua, Minnesota, Disney World, and Mexico — continue to be amongst his greatest joys. Dave also had the opportunity to play Division I collegiate golf and still loves to spend his free time on the green.



Our mission is to be an innovative provider of clinical staffing services, intuitively subscribing to our noble cause of placing others above self. Since our renaissance in 2014, our Team creates cultural inertia that makes our noble cause easy to support by trusting each other, embracing conflict, being committed, being accountable, and giving undistracted attention to results.

Our vision is to genuinely and intuitively use Teamwork to solve problems for others and be the first thought when everyone we know thinks of Team. And, through Teamwork, to deliver healthcare staffing solutions that serve our customers, the invaluable nurses we serve, and ultimately the patients who rightfully deserve the best care.


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